Felisha Lynskey is a Digital Unicorn from the middle of nowhere Virginia, living in the middle of everything New York City.


What's a Digital Unicorn? 
It's a rare combination of all of these wonderful things, creating a magical digital species:


○ Customer Experience
○ Branding & Visual Identities
○ Content Development & Curation
○ Marketing & Strategy
○ Tone of Voice Development
○ Art Direction
○ Social Media Management & Coordination

Check out some of my favorite projects:


Love, Archie

What started off as a Instagram for my dog (yes, I'm one of those people) launched into a brand.

Every House 

Ever wondered what every house I've ever lived in looks like? Well, I illustrated them.


Merrymaker Fine Paper

Fresh out of college, I rebranded a local stationary company.


Objects I Can't Afford 

I design and manage an affiliate blog where I curate a very expensive wish list.