What Else

I already gave you the gist of what a Digital Unicorn is. Now, here's the nitty gritty of it.


Social Media Management

A solid social media presence is just as important as your brand. 

○ I oversee social media day-to-day including content creation, customer service, community management, social listening, and campaign strategy across your brand and social media channels.

○ I coordinate and build the social media content calendar by balancing copy and a variety of content with the right brand aesthetic and voice across social media platforms.

○ I drive innovative social media and influencer marketing plans to support products, collections, and marketing initiatives.

○ In creating engaging content, I drive programs such as contests, partnerships and giveaways to enhance specific goals ( those goals may include: brand awareness, reach, engagement, customer retention, site visits, and sales.)

○ Finally, I measure, analyze and report the impact and effectiveness of social media campaigns and strategies using KPI’s and analytics to help guide future plans.

Content Creation

Creating compelling content isn't just about quantity, it's about quality, too!

○ I assist in conceptually shooting and editing day to day content in various forms including photos, gifs and videos.

○ I create stills, videos and footage and other assets for product launches, brand partnerships and events.

○ Working with you, I provide insight and expertise on how to best translate creative ideas across social media platforms.

○ With data-driven insights and by interpreting marketing strategies, I create compelling and engaging ideas your viewers will love.

○ I can help you create brand values, purpose, and share meaningful messages with your customers.

Branding & Strategy

You've got the idea, now let's translate that into a sparkly and polished brand together.

○ I can help determine what makes your customer's "double tap" anything online by monitoring trends and suggesting ideas.

○ I've had experience with running social campaigns to drive engagement and leads.

○ I can help develop and administer style guidelines for new branding initiatives.


Visual storytelling is totally my thing.

○ With a years of working at Squarespace, I can create a website with them like a true pro.

○ I can help you solidify design direction and effectively translate business goals and requirements into compelling visual solutions.

○ I'm a master of the Adobe Creative Suite, with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

○ I can construct clean and organized creative deliverables that adhere to your style guide, including banners, graphics and fliers.


You may have read through all of this, and aren't sure where to even begin. Or maybe, you're already killing it at all of these things - you just need advice on how to kick it to the next level. Let's chat about it.

○ I can help you map out your next big campaign. With a background in project management, I'm happy to create a timeline until launch.

○ If you're running out of steam, I'll jump on board and help you generate some new ideas. I love working in a team environment and coming up with new concepts.

○ I can help you determine and foster relations with bloggers, influencers and ambassadors that will create the most engagement and reach for your brand.